Congratulations! Your dream home is complete and all that’s left is for you and your family to move in. Our director, Joe Allia, who closely monitors the construction of every home we build, personally hands over the keys upon completion. City Residence also provides you with your home’s standard warranties, and we follow up with new home maintenance checks to ensure your dream home functions, as it should, well into the future. Read More
Once your building plans are approved and your fixtures and finishes finalised, we get busy building your dream home. The build time varies depending on the size and scope of each project. Read More
City Residence submits your plans to the relevant councils and government authorities for approval. During the approval process, our Interior Designer meets with you to ensure all colour specifications and interior finish specifications are complete. Read More
Our architects provide an initial sketch of your new home, including the floor plans and layout. We invite you to provide feedback and make changes, and work closely with you to ensure your plans incorporate everything required to turn your dream home into a reality. In order to provide an accurate final quotation, we also conduct a full site assessment, which includes soil testing, slab footing design, engineering evaluation, and full working drawings and elevations. We then provide you with ... Read More
Prior to construction, we meet with you to discuss your exact requirements – your needs, your wants, and your aspirations. During your initial consultations we discuss design styles and materials, aesthetics, and of course budget. We also meet onsite to assess the orientation of your home, viability, landscaping, and drainage. Read More